Acciones Territoriales

Acciones Territoriales was an exhibition in Mexico City curated by Daniela Lieja Quintanar, who invited different artists and collectives to carry out territorial actions:

"exploring and outlining some of the different ways in which societies, communities and people have imagined and configured their territories as resistances to a dominant neoliberal capitalist system".

Based on our residency through the desert, we decided to reinterpret NASA’s laser communication technology (LLCD, LCRD, OPALS) for terrestrial purposes. Instead of helping to expand our presence in space, we proposed to rethink a part of our imaginary by using this technology to bridge sociopolitical gaps.

NASA modem

This first proof-of-concept prototype was used to create a simple chat between two sides of a gallery. Beisdes the chat, we also created a connection between a modified WiFi router, perched up high in one of the galleries, and a projector. The router keeps track of what kinds of sites and data people are accessing over the WiFi network and transmits that information via laser down to a projector.

Since the exhibition took place in a former convent/church, we tried to make a connection between the iconography of former structures of power and knowledge, and contemporary mechanisms of surveillance and control. Despite all our scientific advances, we still look to the sky with reverence, for answers.

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